Ley de Impulso para la Sostenibilidad del Territorio de Andalucía (LISTA)

An important new development has come with the approval of the new territorial land law in Andalucia, LISTA, which aims to stimulate and revitalise the economy in a sustainable way. In the case of Urban land in principle it simplifies how the land is categorised and there will no longer be any difference in planning terms between land that is consolidated and non consolidated which will speed up the process in all respects.  This is exactly what investors and developers have been lobbying for for many years! This new law will also permit single family homes to be built on Rustic plots, within the framework of certain restrictions, non protected (green belt) land etc. The details are just starting to come through but the new law has been passed and will be in effect within the next 20-30 days once the legislation has been drawn up.

Watch the video (in Spanish only): LISTA

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