Energy Performance Certificates

Energy Performance Certificates


Energy Performance Certificate

Buildings - houses - commercial properties

Are you going to sell or rent your property?

In that case...

You will need to obtain an Energy Performance Certificate for existing houses and commercial properties offered for sell and rent. We can assist with a specialized team of Architects with experience in architecture, installations and energy efficiency.

  • Energy performance certificate for new and existent buildings.
  • Energy consumption simulations.
  • Energy rehabilitation.
  • Technical advice on any issue related to energy certification.

Personalized attention by an acredited and highly qualified team.

  • Direct and personalized attention for each customer.
  • Specific experience in energy certifications.
  • Energy certifiers in partnership with 'Certicalia' y 'Certifícate'.
  • Fast, efficient and affordable service, always based on criteria of the most technical reliability.

'Providing reliability and peace of mind.'

Whether you are renting, selling, advertising or publishing a property, an energy performance certificate is required

Energy Performance Certificate

The energy efficiency certificate is a requirement arising from the recent Real Decreto 235/2013, which was born as a consequence of the implementation of the 2010/31/UE Directive. The energy performance certificate provide a measure of the buiding’s overall energy efficiency and its environmental impact, calculated by standard occupancy assumptions. The Certification is valid for 10 years.

Energy Efficiency Rating

The Certificate contains an Energy Efficiency Rating that classifies the properties on a scale from A class (for the most energy efficient ), to G class (least efficient).

Non-compliance infringements and sanctions

The non-compliance of this requirements constitute violations in the area of consumer protection. Applicable sanctions ranging from 200€ to 30,000€.


Can I rent, sell, advertise or offer a property without an energy performance certificate?

No; If you are selling or renting your home, comercial properties or any other real state property, you must order an energy efficiency certificate. Also for potencial buyers and tenants before you put your property in the market. The Energy Efficiency Rating must appear at any advertisement of the offered building regardless the format of the advertisement (newspaper, digital, website...).

Who is required to obtain the Certificate?

It is an obligation for the property owner to obtain and preserve the energy performance certificate, and the potential buyers or tenants shall have the right to demand it. The seller should deliver to the buyer an original of the energy performance certificate.

When will the obligation of obtaining the energy performance certificate become mandatory?

It is already in force having become mandatory from June 1st, 2013.

Which properties will be affected?

The houses, commercial properties and buildings for renting or selling, whose building project was drafted before 2007. The Certificate is not required for industrial sites, stand alone buildings with total using floor space of less tan 50 square meters, and residential buildings intended to be use less than 4 months a year and with an energy consume under 25%.

Procedure for obtaining the energy performance certificate

  1. Contact a Technical Architect
  2. Arrange Survey for homes, locals, buildings, commercial property
  3. Visit to the property
  4. Energy assessment
  5. Obtain Energy Performance Certificate
  6. Recommended measures

Registration on the competent body of the C.C.A.A. Included.

Please note: The above information is given as a guide only. We do not offer this service in house and to obtain an Energy Performance Certificate (CEE) you would need to contact a local Technical Architect.

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